Your Watch is only for You

What is the profit for the owner if the watch can still be stolen, regardless of whether it has a code lock or not?

Of course, any thing can be stolen. The difference is that this theft will not bring profit to the robber, only frustration. Over time, when the proposed complication will become the standard for all watches. Any robber will know that it is pointless to steal a watch.
Our mission is to destroy the very idea of taking possession of someone else's watch. At the same time, anyway owner of a watch with a code lock is always 100% sure His watch will serve only for Him.

Why is it difficult to hack the protection?

The combination lock to blocks the setting/winding mechanism and prevents the case cover removal. Any user who attempts to break the lock will subject integral parts of  the watch to damage, instantly diminishing its value. Even trying to guess the code with more than 100 million possible combinations would take more than 10 years of continuous attempts.

How unique is this development? (can analogues be created?)

The development is unique in that We block setting/winding mechanism. This is a rarely but a regularly used watch element. An attempt to block other elements of watch will lead to the impossibility of using the mechanism by the owner himself.

Is it possible to change the lock code preset at the factory to your own?

Yes, you can. 

And well now all watches with such complication can only look like this? What if I don't like it?

No, this is just one of many options, the execution depends only on the imagination of the designer, the technique gives the broadest possibilities.

For users of watches with this technology, the benefits are obvious. But what will this give watch manufacturers?

1. Customer care
2. The possibility of excluding gray dealers from the sales chain
3. Fight against counterfeit products

Can I get the rights to use the invention?

Yes, it is possible, the more manufacturers use this complication, the safer it will be for all watch owners, send your requests and suggestions.